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Holistic Therapies: Clinic

Practice Philosophy:

At Holistic Therapies LLC we begin our care plans with the Traditional Western Medical standard of care, much like your General Practitioner doctor office would; where you describe your concern, Dr provides a physical exam and/or orders lab work as needed in order to offer a diagnosis and treatment.

Then, we blend in elements from both Western and Eastern traditional health management disciplines while observing the Six Principles that guide Naturopathic Medicine. From this viewpoint we are then able to offer a vast number of treatment options tailored to your specific case and background. We also offer a preventive look to your health concerns, from a functional perspective.

Our combined Naturopathic Medical training is vast and was completed during a 4 year graduate level program and clinical mentorship at NCNM following our undergraduate studies. Read more about Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Doctor Education by clicking these links or give us a call or email by using our contact us page.


What can you expect from a visit with us?

For your initial appointment please reserve 60-90min. Follow up visits are generally 30min and can be scheduled in office, by phone (VM anytime) or email. Please allow up to 24 BUSINESS hours for a response from our team.

What can you expect?

Your time with us will include:

- An in-depth discussion of your health status and your specific goals.

- A review of your past and current medical history

- A discussion of your family history, diet, medications and supplements

- Physical exam and Laboratory tests if necessary

- Initial treatment plan

Prior to your visit we ask that you send any lab tests completed within the last 6mos, or prior examination results that are pertinent to your case and fill out our new patient packet. (new patient intake, nutritional questionnaire forms)

Download forms

Please bring all supplements currently used to the initial appointment. If you live outside of Colorado and are requesting a phone visit, please email or fax a list of supplements and dosages to (303) 679-1921.


We do not take health insurance plans.This allows us to hold down costs for both patient visits and care plans and alows the clinic to focus our time towards working directly with you, on your health concerns.

We will make every effort to help you obtain reimbursement from your insurance company and do offer a "super bill" with each visit containing all the information that your insurer may need to reimburse you for our services. - However, payment to our office is expected at time of service.


Office hours:

Monday- Friday, 12:00 am - 6:00 pm, Thursday 8-6pm or by appointment. Please allow up to 24 BUSINESS hours for a response from our team.

If you are having a Medical Emergency, please call 911.

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment request by email or with any questions

For our email, txt, social media and electronic communication policy please review our e-comm policy.

We look forward to working with you.

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