Holistic Therapies: E-Comm Policy

Electronic Communications Policy

As email security cannot be verified as confidential or HIPAA compliant. Please limit email to scheduling and medicinary use only - "refills". For this reason, Holistic Therapies, LLC will also not engage in text messaging. Also, for email reply, please allow 24 hours - 1 business day. That being said, appreciating the modern world in which we live. Please review the guidelines below if it should become necessary to communicate by email.

        * At no time should E-mail be used in the event of a medical emergency... Call 911!

Note: Doctor does not review emails sent to info (at) holistictherapies.us


  • Emails are NEVER appropriate for urgent or emergency problems. Please call 911 for an emergency. Or our office for an urgent matter.

  • Emails are only appropriate for scheduling and medicinary refill requests.

  • Emails are not confidential. We cannot guarantee the privacy of electronic communication. If you send an email from your work email or device, your employer has a legal right to read your email communications if they so choose - this includes all FREE E-mail and Social Media accounts - please review the EULA documentation related to your specific email/social provider for details.

  • E-mail should not be used to communicate sensitive medical information, such as information regarding (but not limited to) sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS/HIV, mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse. Or any information you prefer to keep private from others, including family members.

  • E-mail communications may become part of your medical record. It may be printed and added to your chart.

  • E-mail communication is not a substitute for seeing the Doctor. If you have several questions, are unclear on your care plan, would like to discuss care options, etc. please schedule an appointment to speak with the Doctor.

  • Patients will be billed for time spent reading lengthy emails and those that require lengthy responses (beyond 10 minutes).

  • Either party can revoke permission to use electronic communication at any time.

Thank you,

Holistic Therapies, Doctors and Staff