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Online Medicinary

Thank you for your interest in our online store / medicinary. This page links you to our our secure online partners where you will find 24/7 access to professional-grade vitamins, minerals and supplements for your convenience. All, but a select few, of your recommended supplements can be refilled and shipped directly to you, as you need them, from the same place we get them.

Once regestered, you will have the option to set up your account with reminders to order refills or even set items to auto ship, even "op-out" as disired.

If you don't have your access code handy - it's printed on the bottom of your care plan - please call the office - the code will allow you to set up an account and receive refill items at clinic pricing.

If you have any questions or comments about this service, can't find your recommended products or need clarification on any aspect of your care plan please give us a call at the office.

Click one of the links below to set up an account and begin your order

Natural Partners

Our most comprehensive Storefront


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For approved clients, we can ship supplies / special orders left on office voice mail from our location additional charges (s/h) may apply.

*warning pages may load slowly on some systems.