Holistic Therapies

Quest Diagnostics Lab

Holistic Therapies has partnered with Quest Diagnostics as our primary blood lab, due to their state of the art attention to detail, for a number of years. They offer a service known as MyQuest - a division of their Care 360 porthole that allows clients to schedule lab draw appointments at one of their Patient Service Centers and and allows access you results for 60 days. Quest can even assist in aggregation of your lab findings from your various providers.

Quest also offers a, paid monthly, add on service MyQuest Advanced Access that allows for more comprehensive engagement with your health data - tracking and trending of your unique health results; labs, medications, even wearable devices via some simple data entry and or wireless devices - fit bit etc...

For some time ease of communication of your health results between your various providers has also been a strong emphasis for Quest Dx .

Quest Dx

Click over to the MyQuest for more details and to set up an account.

We can arrange for sharing of your health information via a records release filed with our office.