Holistic Therapies: Draw Station

Draw Station: Phlebotomy

Practitioners: Holistic Therapies (HT) is happy to act as a draw station for your clients in the Evergreen area – generally, same day appointments are available with one of our Dr's - each an accomplished phlebotomist.

However, in this capacity, we (HT) will function as a draw station, phlebotomist, only. The client must come into our office with a physical lab test kit and a requisition - filled out - by the ordering provider. – it is advised that you call ahead to our office with questions prior to your clients visit.

We can assist in shipping and handling of the sample if... a complete test kit, with forms filled out, is sent along with the client. Holistic Therapies will not review lab reports with the client, save high alarm values, as we have no access to client history. Commentary is respectfully reserved to our clients.

Clients: In order to have your samples collected, by our phlebotomist, at (HT) you must be referred by a provider and have paperwork/test-kit in hand. For optimal blood draws please come well hydrated. Fasting is typically 8-10hrs, unless otherwise specified by your provider. Fasting blood draws are typically scheduled for Thursday mornings. Feel free to bring a snack for the ride home.

It is our (HT's) expectation that lab results will be returned to the ordering provider’s office.
– providers office address should be marked clearly on all forms and/or we recommend leaving a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with us at the time of the blood draw if they are to be returned to our office.

Holistic Therapies cannot update or revise your providing doctors lab order.

A one on one consult between the ordering provider and one of our Doctors can be arranged as necessary – fees may apply. An office visit, generally 30 min, will be billed to the ordering provider’s office for any client questions outside the “draw experience” that must be answered by our doctors.

     - Draw fee $20, Contact office to schedule.

A note about shipping: Currently, we have pick-up service for Quest Dx/AmeriPath as well as Lab Corp all others will be handled by UPS/FedEx. Please know, some samples require special processing or have specific shipping days of the week – again, it is advised that you call ahead to our office with questions prior to your clients visit.

In addition the blood labs mentioned above we hold active accounts with Doctors Data, Diagnostechs, NeuroScience, Genova, Cell Science (ALCAT), SpectraCell, along with a few others and may be of assistance with these sample collections as well.